Blogging is not a walk in the park. There is this popular misconception that blogging involves getting a website, slapping some articles on and expecting those articles to gain web traffic.
I’ll be honest with you; blogging is hard work. For those of us who have been in the business of blogging for years, we have achieved success through sheer grit, determination and pure hard work. I’ll be sharing these tips with you and it is my utmost hope that you employ all you learn towards becoming a successful blogger.
All the best!


Secret #1 Blog about What You Have Passion For
So you want to be a blogger! What’s the first step? You need to decide what you want to blog about. Blogging is much more than writing posts or uploading them on your website. If you want to start a blog, passion is the fuel that keeps you going on days when it seems nothing is working. Taking on the tag “blogger” means you are looking to starting a blog, making sure it works and building a community out of the passion you have for your subject.

Blogging has to be worthwhile. It means that your blog will attract readers who will religiously read and share your content but only if they find inherent value. Running a blog is challenging and making it successful is even more challenging.

Not everyone has the patience to nurture their blog and wait till it yields fruit. So many people become impatient when returns are not immediate. They give up too early or change their niche several times a year. Do not change your content to something you cannot sustain or have no passion for!

Secret #2 Have a Unique Voice
I can’t stress this enough. Originality is what sets you apart from the million and one bloggers out there. It is easier to be you than to be someone else. Be original. There are numerous bloggers in your niche and everyone is fighting for the same audience. Other bloggers will produce a similar style of content and if you do not have a unique voice, you will be lost in the crowd. Having a unique voice makes your blog different and fast-tracks you to be a top blogger in your niche. This is one of the ways of being a successful blogger.

Secret #3 Do not create content without research
Making unoriginal articles does not only make you a plagiarist, but it also makes you lose your voice. Successful bloggers do a lot of research before they release content. This content is usually detailed and written from a place of conviction. You need to be an authority in your niche and the easier way to do this (and be recognized for it), is to create well-researched content. Successful bloggers who have made a mark in their various fields create valuable content and are seen as authorities. To ensure that your content has not been over flogged, search your headline ideas on the internet to ensure they have not already been done. This helps you know what others have done, get a few tips for yours and avoid the call out of readers who religiously follow other bloggers in your niche.

Secret #4 Successful bloggers are patient!
You probably might not like this I’ll tell you anyway. Successful bloggers are patient! No blogger attains success overnight. It takes time to come into blogging and grow an audience. Audience building takes time and this is the time your blog needs to come into itself. Blogging does not involve writing and posting only. Growing a blog is like growing a plant. You have to water it, nurture it and wait for it to grow. All this takes time. One piece of writing may go viral but one piece of writing does not a blog make.

Secret #5 Successful bloggers pay the price
Like everything else, for you to succeed in blogging, you must pay the price. Paying the price involves putting in the work and promoting yourself. Getting views on your blog (especially a lot of views) means you have to do a lot of promotion and this may involve posting often on social media. This doesn’t mean you should spam groups but just enough for you to gain a new follower daily and get your message out there. Your followers need to be informed via social media that a new blog post is available. This can only lead to more web traffic to your blog.

Secret #6 Stay on Top of the News
Even for those who are not pop culture bloggers or news bloggers, you need to keep abreast of the events happening in your blogging space. Find a way to tie keywords to your content especially when it is useful. If you’re writing about something that has finished trending, you won’t get as many views as a blogger who is in the thick of things. Staying on top of recent happenings in your field makes you the go-to source for the particular topic. Before other bloggers jump on the trend, your article is already on the roll. This will not only introduce other bloggers to your blog but get you a whole new audience who appreciates quick information.

Secret #7 Have a regulated schedule for uploading content
For some, posting often works for them. But if you cannot post daily, have a regulated schedule for uploading content. Don’t spend so much time away from your blog or you will lose them all over again. Humans have short attention spans and need to be fed information regularly. When this is not forthcoming from you, their attention will wander and they will move on to another blogger who is consistent. If you leaving posting for monthly (or weekly), your audience number will fluctuate. They won’t wait for your content. Bloggers who are not consistent are easily forgotten. They will never truly be successful.

Secret #8 Network!
Mingle with other bloggers and invite them to guest post on your blog. Do the same for them. This will lead to audience exchange and will gain you a few new followers. Connecting with other bloggers or those in your niche will also help you promote without actually promoting. Their readers will follow your social media accounts and vice versa. By connecting with other bloggers via social media (and other platforms or groups), their audience will become aware of your blog. Not only will your social media following increase, but you also get a few new blog subscribers and new blog readers. You will see an increase in web traffic to your blog in no time!

Secret #9 Be authentic
People can see through your content. If there is no enthusiasm or value in your content, they will see right through you. Do not take blogging as a chore. Enjoy your passion and let your excitement show when you create content or talk about your blog. Emotions are easily shown through the words you write. A reader can instantly tell whether you’re bored or enduring in a situation you would rather not be in. Let your writing “have a heart” Go into detail within your posts and represent your passion in such a way you’re your readers can relate with you and your content. Remember that you have no clue who is reading you and why he or she is reading you. A blog post reaches thousands of people from different locations in the world. If you want to make blogging profitable, you need to bridge the gap of knowledge between those that are trying to make it and those that do.
Don’t be afraid to share all you have learnt about a particular topic. The more you provide value to your audience, the more they trust you and pay for the products you will create.


Secret #10 Identify if you are cut out for blogging
Before you decide to be a blogger, you have to be honest with yourself. It’s a bitter pill you must digest. Ask yourself these questions: Am I cut-out for this? Most people aren’t cut out for blogging. Sad but true. Anybody can create a blog but not everyone can successfully run a blog. Running a successful blog is a full-time job. I mentioned earlier that it is like nurturing a plant or running a business. Your blog is your business/office. You can’t treat it like a side hustle in its early days. You have to put in the work. Some people quit their jobs and go into blogging fulltime. Some do it in their spare time. Irrespective of your schedule, you need to live and breathe your blog in its early stages.

Secret #11 Use blogging tools at your disposal
Scheduler: It is probably not a good idea to blog once a month when starting out. Use a scheduler if you are overwhelmed. It is still not a good idea to go for vacations (unless you are a travel blogger) while ignoring your blog. Blogging will deprive you of a few things in the beginning but that’s okay. Everything will make sense when your blog finally comes together as a success. Some popular bloggers will tell you about vacations and what not but you need to realize that they out in the work before all these things became possible. They didn’t start off that way even if their marketing tries to make it so. Many bloggers groped in the dark and did not become successful until after a long period of time. It took them a lot of trial and error but now you know these secrets, you can avoid some of these mistakes and become a successful blogger in a shorter period of time.
A scheduler can be used to also schedule social media posts and newsletters.
SEO: Search engine optimization makes your articles searchable on the web when you use the right keywords.

Secret #12 Purpose and plan will set you apart
Asides passion, purpose and plan will propel you to success in no distant time. What sets successful bloggers apart from the rest is that they kept on moving forward with a purpose and a plan. You can’t blindly blog and think you’re doing a good job and that at some point traffic will start to come through. You have to set a goal and strategize. A well-defined plan should lead you to that goal. Figure out a plan that will lead you to the destination you want to reach. Then you need to stick to that plan.
A plan will serve as a compass towards your blogging journey. You might miss a few fun events but that’s okay. Blogging will not take over your life but for you to be a successful blogger, your plan will keep you busy for a while.

Secret #13 Successful bloggers listen to their audience
You will never know the kind of readers you have subscribed to your blog until you talk to them and listen to their feedback. Every single blog post will not be a hit but if you listen to your audience, you will have an idea of the kind of things they want you to write about. Talk to people in your audience and gain a better understanding of their problems and how you can help. The clearer the picture you have of your audience the easier things become. You start to write content that resonates with them. You know what type of products they are willing to buy. You begin to run a business that provides value to your readers and from there, you can talk about other trending things in your niche. If you an introvert, you do not have to panic. Everything is done virtually (unless you plan a meet-and-greet).
Communicate with your audience. Start off with email conversations and use email marking tools to keep in touch. For example, you can ask your audience to tell you about themselves in the first email when they sign up for my mailing list. Not everyone will respond but they get the idea that you want to know them better. This will start conversations and people that are willing to reach out to you will do so.

Secret #14: Only a handful of your audience buy your products. Don’t fret!
This might be disheartening news for those who plan to make a lot of money from selling products to their audience. If you plan on running any other type of revenue model besides ads, you need to focus on your true fans. True fans are those who will buy all your products. They will read your emails and every single blog posts. They will drop comments on the blog and share your content.
These are the people you need to focus on. Some bloggers believe that everybody in their audience is important, so they try to create content to suit everyone. What they do at the end of the day is suiting no one. For example, let’s say you have a mailing list of 10,000 people. That’s a good sum and you should be able to make a few thousand dollars from it. If your mailing list is filled with people that love to travel, you may decide to make a travel guide. Don’t be surprised that only 1% of that number will actually purchase the guide. Those are your true fans.
Here is another way you can still make money from a disinterested audience: If you figure that just because your audience loves travelling that everyone would want to buy a travel guide, you may be in for a shock. Instead, do this: talk to people in your audience, find out what their problems are concerning travel. Create a $99 course on how to tackle this problem. Even if only 1% of your audience buys this course, you have an additional $10,000 on your hands.
Instead of trying to please everyone, try to please your 1%. Listen to their problems and create solutions for them. That is how making money in blogging begins.

Secret #15 Do not put money first
This might sound cliché but money should not be the number 1 reason why you should aspire to be a successful blogger. Truth is, your passion for blogging might not fetch you the money you desire. Whenever you read a blog post about picking a niche, one of the first pieces of advice is to pick a topic that you are passionate about not one you want to make money from. This makes sense because who wants to write for years on a topic that they don’t care about?
Don’t get me wrong: money-making in blogging is healthy but it should not be your greatest motivator. In fact, not every niche will make you money. Some will make you a few hundred dollars a month, some more and some, not at all. The good news is that most niches can make you a full-time income if you approach them the right way. You just need to take the time to figure out what those niches are.
The easiest way to figure this out is to talk to people. I know I already talked about talking to your audience, but if you can find an audience of people that are so desperate to solve a problem that they will pay money to have it solved, then you have yourself a profitable niche provided it falls in line with your passion. Crochet, pattern and knitting blogs are beginning to be profitable these days. This is why knitting can work as a niche. The knitting community is always looking for new and awesome patterns. They have no problem paying for them.

#Secret 16 Study the competition and do better
There are millions of blogs out there. There are more than a hundred thousand blogs that teach about the secrets of being a successful blogger. Identify your competition, know your competition and find out what makes them tick. For example, the writing niche is nothing more than writing about a set of problems that people are having and how you can help them solve those problems. A fashion blog helps people find the best things to wear. A tech blog helps techies. These blogs identify a problem and go on to create solutions. You should do the same. Find out the problems of people in your niche and proffer solutions. That is the first step towards being successful. Asking what niche you should blog about isn’t the right question. The right question is what is the problem you are going to help someone solve?

Secret #17 The Journey to the top is a lonely one: Be prepared!
Not everyone will understand your blogging journey. Blogging may require you working from home or from work stations. This may be a lonely ride. Not many people talk about the hard work that goes into trying to make blogging work. Sometimes it will involve late nights and lonely days. You may lose a couple of friends because you no longer have time to hang out but don’t be distracted. There will be nights when you will be up late writing posts, creating courses, making changes to your website or working on updating your themes. You can’t share your stress or frustration with people that don’t understand your blogging journey and when it’s time to celebrate a viral post, they won’t quite understand the sheer joy of thousands of views, leading to more blog web traffic, It, therefore, becomes important to build relationships with other bloggers. You need to surround yourself with people going through the same things as you.


Being a successful blogger is possible if you are ready to out in the work. To make your journey easier, network and join groups. To find blogging friends, join Facebook groups with the same niche as you. Write quality content. Use keywords to help with trending topics and search engine optimization. Focus on the success of making a blog succeed than it is to talk about the actual process.
Start now! Learn all you can from those who have been in the business. Read. Research. Ask questions from those who have been in the blogging business successfully. Don’t try to make everything perfect in the beginning. Amend as you go. Start writing, start publishing, start promoting, and start interacting with your audience today.
I wish you all the best in your blogging journey!

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