Is buying web traffic a good idea?

Many established website owners and new website owners often ask  IS BUYING WEB TRAFFIC A GOOD IDEA? In this article, we will try to help you choose whether you really should consider buying web traffic. There can be real benefits which can only help your website grow in the future. So do you need to buy traffic? Read on and make your own conclusion.

Boost Your Website With New Web Traffic!

For new website owners who have very little or no traffic you really may need to give your site a real boost by buying web traffic, this will increase visitors to your site and hopefully more return visitors from people who will have an interest in your website or your website products which will certainly help to increase sales.

Investing some money in bought traffic can be a very fast way to get some visitors to your site. Why wait for months when you can have someone looking around your site in days? Your website can get that kickstart it may need.

Buying Web Traffic Can increase your Alexa Ranking.

Buying web traffic for your new website can often raise your Alexa ranking which is great if you are selling ad space on your site.
Many ad networks may check your Alexa ranking and see if it’s worth there while to let you put ads on your site. If you sell ads on ad networks customers will almost certainly check your Alexa rank before buying ad space from you.

This applies for older websites to that just can’t seem to get off the ground and really do need a good boost to get there site going and up there Alexa rank. Purchasing traffic may really help out.

People who may be interested in the products you sell may also check your Alexa rank to see if your site looks a professional set up. If your site receives a lot of web traffic they certainly will think your more established.
This may give them confidence in making a purchase from you or signing up to your email list etc

Having a healthy Alexa rank can really put the odds more in your favour.

Link Building To Increase Traffic 

Link building to increase Traffic

You may also build some links to your website to increase your traffic. Although building links to your site is a really good method it can take a very long time to do.

You also will have to contact other website owners to gain links and if your site is new this can be very difficult for you to do.

Established websites are not going to be interested in a new site with zero traffic and certainly will not be interested in a Link exchange.

So the only other alternative is to pay a site to link to you, which is not very cost-effective at all.

Another method to gain Links is to leave a comment and drop a link to your website if the site owner allows you to do so. But beware this does not always work the website owner could refuse your site anyway.

Never buy mass Links because you are just asking for trouble Link farms are a no-no. Most often the Links will be seen as Spam by Google which could result in a Google penalty something you really do not want at all!

If your also lucky to gain some inbound website  Links, also make sure they are relevant to your site and the same topic, niche etc. That way your more unlikely for your visitors to leave your site and increase your bounce rate.

Google frowns upon a site with irrelevant content to the site they’re linking to, so beware you have been warned!

Buying some traffic and slowly link building is the way forward if you do start Link building make sure they are high-quality inbound links only and take care and time by doing so. The effort will be worthwhile in the end.


Buying A SEO Service Vs Buying Web Traffic

Why pay for SEO service? SEO service providers can be very expensive using a professional company could cost you a lot of your hard-earned dollars to rank in Google were you really need to be to reach your potential customers.

To receive a lot of Organic web traffic can be very difficult indeed and time-consuming, it may be as long as 3 to 8 months before you start ranking at all on Google. That’s if you’re lucky enough to rank at all! So it could be a long wait for any web traffic to reach your site by just using an SEO service.

Is  Your Website SEO Up To Scratch?

is your SEO up to scratch

Are you using the correct keywords? Are you writing useful articles? Are you using correct titles for your post or page? Are you building some useful internal and external links?
If you do not know the answer to these few questions you really need to learn about SEO or hire an expert if SEO is going to be your main source of web traffic.

Some sites simple shops, for instance, it may be very difficult to write enough content or new content to rank in Google.

So you may only be able to do so much SEO on your site. Some eCommerce platforms can be very basic, so ranking your home page could be very difficult.

This kind of sites defiantly will need traffic, either purchasing ads or buying web traffic. Organic web traffic may be difficult certainly at the start until your website is well established.

We are not saying you should not pay for an SE0 service but we would recommend a few marketing ideas such as search engines, social media traffic and paid web traffic to push more people to your website. These options will give you a wider traffic plan and maybe a lot more cost-effective in the long run as well.

GEO Target Your Web Traffic

GEO Targeted web traffic

Another good thing when you buy web traffic is you can GEO target your visitors.
You can choose the country targeting to suit your language, niche etc . Have a good user-friendly experience from people who may be relevant to your site.

Buying Web Traffic Is A Cheaper Option

Buying web traffic can also be much cheaper than ad networks and SEO campaigns. So if you are on a tight budget buying traffic can be a wise option certainly for a starter option.

At  we can get most of our traffic campaigns set up in under 24 hours. Its very simple to order and completely secure. You can order in less than 3 minutes! There are many different cost-effective web traffic packages to choose from our cheap worldwide traffic package is very popular.  We only supply 100% real human web visitors only, people who will be interested in your site. We do not use bots as some other traffic companies do!


Buying web traffic is defiantly worth it, whether you want a short campaign or a much longer campaign. It has its place along with other marketing methods and can be very cost-effective indeed.

All websites need web traffic to prosper and your website may also need to make sales to keep it self running.

So by investing in a little traffic or a steady traffic campaign can only be a good option. Hope this article has been helpful.


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